Rebet app looks to introduce social dimension to sports betting experience

Updated:2024-03-20 09:12    Views:78

Rebet, a newly launched free-to-play sportsbook, is aiming to redefine the sports betting experience with its new features and community-centric approach.

Developed by students at Dartmouth College with expertise in economics, technology and software development, Rebet offers a blend of social interaction and sports betting.

The platform also provides users access to official and real-time data for over 60 professional and college sports leagues, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date betting experience.

Carson Hubbard, Rebet CEO, commented: “Sports fandom is about our desire for social interaction and community, and until today those elements have been missing in both traditional and social sportsbooks.

“Rebet is revolutionising this experience with all the essential elements of the sports betting experience in one easy-to-use, and interactive app. We know users are going to love our experience and we are thrilled to introduce Rebet to the world.”

The Rebet App introduces features such as the 'Rebet' button,Casino games allowing users to duplicate picks with a single click – a feature that hopes to foster collaboration and camaraderie within the community.

Additionally, Rebet offers a peer-to-peer contest feature, enabling users to compete directly with friends in customised contests to challenge each other's sports knowledge and strategies.

Bella DiGiovanni, CMO of Rebet, stated: “Today is a historic day for Rebet as we are bringing together the sports betting community like never before in a seamless app offering unprecedented features.

“With access to official data across all their favourite sports, we are providing our community with a new, and incredible, experience on Rebet.”